Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey sup, B, I know we had plans for me to come straight home and watch you after work but I think instead I'm going to go over to Miley's. At least I think so. She g-chatted something about it, but plans weren't concretely made. I love going over to her place; it feels almost as safe as being in bed with you on the tv or in comic book form. She's so nice and cool that being with her doesn't freak me out. Do you have any friends like that? Willow seems like a really solid, loyal friend. I'm not jealous or anything of you guys. You can be her best friend. I'm not mad about it. No really. Okay, nevermind.

I like Faith a lot too. When I was in high school if I had had a friend that confident and sexy and stuff I would have like wanted to be her. I would have followed her around like a puppy and tried to be as strong and fearless as her. Man, what a dork I used to be.

I'll catch up with you later after the hang outs. Be safe when you go out patrolling for vamps!

love, Barbara

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