Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Buffy,

So, weirdly I don't quite remember getting home last night but after investigation this morning I did get a pizza on the way and when I got back I feel asleep in my clothes after I watched an episode of you. (The one with the mind reading.) I need an intervention. (Maybe you already knew that, because of the mind reading.) That seems like a cool/ burdensome power. (The mind reading, not the drinking.) I wonder how I got that drunk. I feel like I only had two beers. I hate being in that big of a group situation, around that many people who I feel hate me/ are annoyed by me. Going out last night reminded me why agoraphobia is an attractive thing to me. But I mean, I wanna do comedy so I'm still gonna do this...

Desperately needing a night in and not giving it to myself,

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