Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear Buffy

Hey dudette! How is everything? My life is going okay, kinda fun, just focusing on comedy/slaying. I've been defeated by several comedy demons/ vampires this month, but I've also won a bunch of battles too. I've won some on my own and I've had some scoobies help me out and both ways it's been really fun. Last night I watched the swim team episode, which I super love! Sometimes I think inside a lot of people is a scary fish monster clawing to come out.

Stay peppy,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dear Buffy,

Hey B!

My life is kinda in a whirlwind right now. I don't have any money, like you after your mom passed... Dude I don't know how you survived and supported Dawn on minimum wage fast food salary. I am kinda doing a minimum wage call center job right now and struggling to do work and comedy. It's stressful, like trying to balance slaying with working and then friendship on top of it.

I guess I'm really proud of you for getting it all together and trying to have it all. I really respect you going for it with Spike. I wish I liked myself enough to make super positive life decisions and handle all my slaying and grown up responsibilities. What are taxes?

Give Giles a hug.
love, B