Thursday, June 25, 2015

Buffy Fashion

The fashion in Buffy serves as a plot prop rather than a simple "make these already gorgeous women look gorgeouser" tactic.

So you're probably asking: How do I get the chosen look? I want to slay it!

Buffy's fashion mirrors her many different identities she has to assume: slayer, kid, student, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend...
To get the Buffy look it's super important to have at least a couple black and white tank tops and shirts of varying sleeve length. She wants to look hot and be comfy for fighting, without the stress of extra attention. You'll also need boots, all the better for elongating your leg and kicking down doors, and leather jackets. 
 Buffy sometimes dresses older than she is, because she had to grow up so fast. (Helloooo, self sacrafice at age 16? Too crazy.) "I have mom hair, don't I?" Plus she dates like 200 year olds.

The second photo is me!
 The most important part of the Buffy look is pairing cute girliness with badass toughness. Buffy wants to be a kid, but was chosen to fight the forces of darkness. Before she was "called," she was a very girly little girl: prom queen, makeup, cheerleading, etc. Great ways to do this are by pairing cute dresses with funky boots and leather or jean jackets. It makes you look pretty, but at the same time tough enough to intimidate bad guys.


Always have a couple bold hot items in your wardrobe, for when you're feeling bold and hot, which you should!
Perfect for going to a party, or getting into a heated battle with an evil mayor/ snake demon.

Perfect mix of feminine and hard:
 This is the Buffy bot so Buffy didn't technically pick out this outfit, Spike did. He's got pretty good taste, except in women (Buffy excluded) and in beverage choice (whiskey or blood? gross!)

Pair loose grungy items with cute form fitting ones.
Now you look fab for meeting new friends or accidentally falling asleep in your vampire boyfriend's lair and then getting into a fight to the death with your arch nemesis. 

Buy Leopard print! Perfect for going out to dance with your buds or sneaking into a morgue and slaying annointed vamires!


Most importantly when trying to embody the slayer, (not LITERALLY, Faith!) Always remember: what would Buffy wear? WHATEVER THE HECK SHE WANTS!!!!!!!! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fan film/ reboot of Buffy

We see a high school, filled with kids of varying ethnicities, qualities, diversity. The camera pans track field with runners, cheerleaders, band room, art room, mathletes, stoners. We see Buffy Summers, 16, sitting on the school steps laughing hard at something with a bunch of other 16 year old kids. Buffy is very tiny, she has a perky blonde pony-tail, is dressed in a very ‘i-don’t-give-a-fuck’ boldness, band t-shirt cropped off at belly button, leopard print shorts, chuck taylors. She has a bright and cheerful aura.

Voice over:
It all started when I was just any other normal teenage girl. Wait, hold up, what the heck is a “NORMAL” teenage girl? Nail polish and magazines about what Channing Tatum looks like with his shirt off? No way. There’s no kid who feels quote-en-quote normal in the vast and treacherous world of teenage-dom. You’ve got the jocks, the goth kids, the brainy people, the kids with parents who want them to like be a doctor or something, the arty kids, the kids with no real identifier like me- I don’t know. Everyone feels like they don’t fit in. We all feel different and isolated and terrified. But we all look the same to whoever or whatever is out there waiting for us.

We see Buffy walking down a street later in the afternoon/ evening. She’s wearing a jacket over top of her previous outfit and listening to headphones. Music starts to get creepier. Buffy pauses and takes a headphone out. She looks down a dark alley.


Buffy starts walking down dark alley, slowly. She looks afraid. She pulls her arms in close and looks around her. Behind her we see a big man silently appear and follow her. She continues to walk, seemingly unaware, down the dark alley. Buffy pauses again.

H-Hello? ...Anyone there?

Now we see a group of creepy looking guys all around her. They appear from the shadows and start to close in, except one who lays back. He is holding someone in a headlock but we don’t see her that closely yet. The creepy men have distorted faces, bumpy foreheads, fangs, yellow eyes.

Buffy does a back spring, kicking one of the vampires in the face. She lands grabs one vampire, throws him up against the wall.

I said, “Anyone there?” What’s the matter? Are you super rude or does the taste for nubile teenager blood got your tongue?

Buffy spins around, slaying vampires gracefully and athletically with a wooden stake. They turn to dust around her. She pins one down.

You’re her! The- the  vampire slayer!

Oh, do I have a reputation? You know you shouldn’t believe gossip. Once Ellie told Abby I slept with Steven and I totally still have my V-card.

Buffy stakes vampire and jumps up agilly. The second to last vampire attacks her. She throws him over her shoulder.

You dummies always fall for the whole “oh I’m a little defenseless blonde girl walking down a dark alley at night.” Please. I’m not that cliche.

Buffy stakes vampire. She turns and we see the final vampire. He’s holding another teenage girl, nerdy, glasses. (Willow.) She looks scared.

Let her go, Four-teeth.

Or what? You’ll jokey-sass me to death?

You know who I am, right? Super powers? Totally trained and chosen to slay soulless vampires? Ring any ringtones?

To kill a vampire you must stake it through the heart with wood. So I think me and my human sheild will be going now.

Vampire starts to back away from Buffy, holding Willow up as a barrier. Buffy looks around at her surroundings. She picks up a rock and throws it at some scaffalding behind the vampire. The scaffalding tips forward and a piece of wood, a 2x4, slides down and plunges the vampire in the back. He turns to dust. Willow falls to her knees coughing.

Willow! What the what are you doing hanging out with a vampire?

Willow cleans her glasses and gets up.

Thanks, Buffy. You saved my life.

Yeah, duh. But seriously. You must have known he was undead.

They start to walk home.

I-I didn’t. I just assumed he was really flirtatious and sexually assertive.

Buffy balks.

Counting the ways that sentence doesn’t lead to confusion and nausea…

I just wanted to be with a boy to see if I liked it.

I can’t think of anything less likeable than boinking a vampire.

No, I wanted to see if I liked it with a- Um, have you ever thought about- nevermind. Buffy, I think there’s something wrong with me.

Willow, you can tell me anything.



Twilight is fiction, girlfriend. Vampires are real.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Dear Buffy,

I've been watching season two lately. I think it might be one of my favorite seasons. (Okay they're all my favorite for different reasons.) I was particularly heartbroken in "Innocence" Parts 1 and 2 when you unknowlingly assisted in the loss of Angel's soul along with your virginity. Damn, talk about slut shaming and guys changing after you give it up. I had this dude I used to be total bonkers for (picture Harmony for Spike) and he definitely worshipped me (Clem for Harmony) at first, UNTIL I agreed to go out with him and we slept together and then woosh, soul gone, different guy entirely. I'm so sorry anyone has to go through that. At least you had your friends there. Not everyone has that. I'm more like Faith, constantly making mistakes and messing up, but no scoobies to speak of. I need a watcher!

Being a girl is like hard or whatever.