Thursday, June 25, 2015

Buffy Fashion

The fashion in Buffy serves as a plot prop rather than a simple "make these already gorgeous women look gorgeouser" tactic.

So you're probably asking: How do I get the chosen look? I want to slay it!

Buffy's fashion mirrors her many different identities she has to assume: slayer, kid, student, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend...
To get the Buffy look it's super important to have at least a couple black and white tank tops and shirts of varying sleeve length. She wants to look hot and be comfy for fighting, without the stress of extra attention. You'll also need boots, all the better for elongating your leg and kicking down doors, and leather jackets. 
 Buffy sometimes dresses older than she is, because she had to grow up so fast. (Helloooo, self sacrafice at age 16? Too crazy.) "I have mom hair, don't I?" Plus she dates like 200 year olds.

The second photo is me!
 The most important part of the Buffy look is pairing cute girliness with badass toughness. Buffy wants to be a kid, but was chosen to fight the forces of darkness. Before she was "called," she was a very girly little girl: prom queen, makeup, cheerleading, etc. Great ways to do this are by pairing cute dresses with funky boots and leather or jean jackets. It makes you look pretty, but at the same time tough enough to intimidate bad guys.


Always have a couple bold hot items in your wardrobe, for when you're feeling bold and hot, which you should!
Perfect for going to a party, or getting into a heated battle with an evil mayor/ snake demon.

Perfect mix of feminine and hard:
 This is the Buffy bot so Buffy didn't technically pick out this outfit, Spike did. He's got pretty good taste, except in women (Buffy excluded) and in beverage choice (whiskey or blood? gross!)

Pair loose grungy items with cute form fitting ones.
Now you look fab for meeting new friends or accidentally falling asleep in your vampire boyfriend's lair and then getting into a fight to the death with your arch nemesis. 

Buy Leopard print! Perfect for going out to dance with your buds or sneaking into a morgue and slaying annointed vamires!


Most importantly when trying to embody the slayer, (not LITERALLY, Faith!) Always remember: what would Buffy wear? WHATEVER THE HECK SHE WANTS!!!!!!!! 

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