Friday, June 5, 2015

Dear Buffy,

I've been watching season two lately. I think it might be one of my favorite seasons. (Okay they're all my favorite for different reasons.) I was particularly heartbroken in "Innocence" Parts 1 and 2 when you unknowlingly assisted in the loss of Angel's soul along with your virginity. Damn, talk about slut shaming and guys changing after you give it up. I had this dude I used to be total bonkers for (picture Harmony for Spike) and he definitely worshipped me (Clem for Harmony) at first, UNTIL I agreed to go out with him and we slept together and then woosh, soul gone, different guy entirely. I'm so sorry anyone has to go through that. At least you had your friends there. Not everyone has that. I'm more like Faith, constantly making mistakes and messing up, but no scoobies to speak of. I need a watcher!

Being a girl is like hard or whatever.

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