Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey! I'm watching one of the Halloween ones. I love Halloween, and Halloween themed things... I think despite my atheism and knowledge of science, part of me wants the supernatural to be real so badly because it would signify that the empty meaninglessness inside of me isn't the only thing out there. It's weird how as a kid I was so crippled by night terrors, and now I'm so fascinated by monsters, demons, ghosts... Like if you can't beat them... succomb to the dark depths of your imagination and blot out reality, amiright

B, you said earlier tonight that you're afraid of letting others in because you've been burned before. (Angel.) I am so so sorry you got hurt and now feel incapable of opening your heart. That'll pass. You'll get better. What happens if someone gets hurt really badly and then you can't close your heart to them? What if your heart just stays open, like a wound, getting increasingly more infected and less likely to recover?

love, Barbara

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