Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Buffy,

I got to work way so early because woke up early because I'm in such a constant state of trembling anxiety lately that it's hard to lay in bed. New Buffy comic out this week! After hearing/reading that Andrew put something in your drink and then nothing happened, obviously I respect you more, but sadly almost relate to you less than when I thought you were just too drunk and made a mistake. I'm embarrassed about how I act when I drink, but I feel like I like a few beers for my anxiety, but really I'm sure everyone around me would rather talk to hyper panicking anxious me than drunk me.

I'm scared to go to Portland/Bridgetown this week. I wish you could come with me to be brave and confident while I get drunk and hide in a closet. I could be like your new Willow!

love, Barbara

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