Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey Buff, Oh my gosh that stuff with Willow and parallel dimension Willow was sooo cool last night! She's hella powerful and smart and she looked gorgeous. Now I want to be her!!! I mean be like her. I mean similar. I mean be her friend. I mean something normal.

I did a mic last night that went on kinda long. It's not that much fun doing these two hour long mics and going later in the night and having there be only comics there. I always feel anxious like they're judging me and like they all hate me because I feel like I have zero likeability on and off stage. It's really overwhelming to sit in a room of your peers and feel scrutinized negatively. You're lucky that you never really have had peers because you are the chosen one. But you are like me in that you love your friends very deeply so it hurts to feel judged when you care so much.

What's going on with Angel now? You guys doing the kissies but no intercoursing? I'm so lonely!

love, Barbara

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