Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey Buffster!

How are you holding up, B? I know how hard things must be for you after the whole murdering your boyfriend thing. Man, I almost can't even imagine it. (But I can because I saw it with my own two eyes.) But he's back now, right? And you guys are taking it slow? You gotta hit that, girl! So what if he's a rabid animalistic vampire monster that you have to keep in an abandoned warehouse chained to a pipe- he loves you!

I'm at work now. It's going kinda slow, just made me think of you. You know how day jobs are. I can't wait til I get off and get to go back home and see how things are turning out with you!

Give Willow and Giles massive hugs for me!

love, Barbara
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