Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey Buff, I've been having anxiety attacks lately, which feels really lame and like a first world problem when I compare it to your life of fighting legions of the undead. I wish I was some sort of slayer or super hero or chosen one of anything, but alas no one will ever choose me, will they, B? Anywho, Anya's storyline is super funny. I admire with her lack of desire to fit in to normal human society. Like she's smart, she used to be human, so she's clearly capable of learning the customs of the species. But why put on a face? I respect that.

Give Willow massive hugs for me!
Also, if you have time can you come slay this anxiety troll living in my torso that's been gripping my heart and lungs with it's grimy claws? No worries, I know you have college.

love, Barbara

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