Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey, Buff! I had a really good time last night at the show/ hanging out with my friends who are cool even though they are men. Still, wish you were there. Sorry I haven't been as available lately; I've been working so hard, writing so much, and I haven't been there for you with the whole Angel bull crap. If I had a stake or crossbow for every time I've said that. Not that I'm particularly a bad friend, but I feel a lot of guilt for it when I happen to be. Nothing makes me feel more dirty and shameful than feeling like a disloyal or bad friend, especially since I'm so appreciative of everyone I love so I hate being a disappointment.

I have way too much grown up shit like bill paying and laundry and actual work work to do today. Blyuck! Hopefully I get a chance to read my new Willow comic finally!

love, Barbara

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