Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey B, I loved how you, or rather robot you, is handling the drama in the latest comic book. All versions of you whether they be slayer, pre-slayer girl, robot, or mental patient, are always super competent and resourceful. I wish I could be like that. You're like "oh the apocalypse is coming? Beep me." I'm like, "oh, my lease is up? I guess I'll have to live in this abandoned cupboard. Maybe your friend Joss can make a movie about me called Cabinet in the Woods. I wish I had a robot version of myself, just to hang out with for a while. I'll never really be a comic book hero though. The closest I would get would be to write one.

You're the best and mine and everyone else's hero!!!!!!!!!!
love, Barbara

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