Friday, August 26, 2016

Dear Buffy

Hey B,

I didn't realize it was "Women's Equality Day" today! I watched the series finale today, which is perfect for Women's Equality, considering that in the end you empowered every girl/ woman in the world with the potential to be a slayer. Thank you so much for never competing with other women, and always being the kind of person to bring other women up and help them find their own strength. I love that your power stems from the kind of love that makes you believe there's enough power for all women to be "chosen" and none of us have to be "alone." I've learned a lot from you about how to be funny, how to flirt, how to joke when I'm feeling scared, how to be brave for others even when I'm terrified for myself, and how to be compassionate and strong. But mostly, I've learned from you how to love, and I believe that's where the bulk of my feminist beliefs come from. "It's not so much the hating men as it is the loving of women." -Willow.

Happy Women's Equality Day, Buffy! You save the world a lot!


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