Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dear Bufy

Hey B,

I'm having a really hard time hanging on right now. I feel like Spike in season 7, when he was trying really hard to be a good person, but because of the chip and the trigger, everyone still thought he was a monster. An ex of mine thinks I'm this horrible person, and is spreading rumors about me that I'm hateful, and really I'm trying to be good. I'm constantly trying to help others and to spread love and kindness. I try to volunteer for causes I care about, I make time to be there for my friends and family who need me, I work at a place that hopefully is helping and inspiring young people, and any free time I have I fill with trying to make art that has a positive message, that makes people laugh, and in turn makes the world a better place. I'm really really really fucking trying.

I feel like you in season six, "is this ...hell?"

Anyway, filled with love for people like you who bring love, confidence, and strength to others.
filled with love, burning brighter than the fire,

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