Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dear Buffy,

Hey B,

How are you?! That's a silly question, you just lost a friend and the apocalypse is about to start! (That's where I am in the comics, but really that could apply to like 70% of your life.)

I'm doing really well. I get kinda lonely, but I've been really reaching out to my scoobies and I feel very loved and surrounded by friends a lot. That's something I've learned from you. I'm at the part of the tv show right now where Willow is really trying to battle her magic addiction... Thanks for always being such a good friend and so loving and caring for her, even though you couldn't really understand how or why she was struggling that way. That's how I feel like my friends are there for me with my depression, anxiety, and food issues. My friends are all amazing. I think they all have a lot of super powers. "I just realized you have super powers. That is so cool." -Glory.

I just watched the episode with you and Spike... Ohmygodohmygodohmygod so hot. I really relate to that kind of attraction to someone, even though you know he's not good for you. I recently ended a relationship with a very nice man because I couldn't handle that it wasn't monogamous and he was only dating me until his girlfriend got back in town. (Not trying to talk shit about anyone who is poly, just saying it isn't for me.) So, even though I knew it wasn't healthy for me, I still found him super stupidly hot, just like how you liked Spike. I just want to accidentally destroy an old house with my love making.

Anyway. I've missed you, B.

love, Barbara

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