Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dear Buffy,

Hey B,

As per usual, I'm going all wonky about life. All my food is coming to life and staring at me and telling me how I feel. Can food read minds? Did it get an aspect of a demon? And even if food is psychic, how did it get so pushy? I feel like the food problem might be coming back to life, like Willow slaughtered a deer over a gravestone and wiped blood on her t-zone. I'm not like seriously falling off the wagon, more like when Amy gave Willow a birthday present spell and she sorta fell off the wagon, but it didn't count because Amy dosed her, and she didn't work the magicks herself. That's how I feel. I ate a lot the last few days, but I didn't throw up so it's my birthday?

Lotsa questions. Fun.
love, Babs

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