Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear Buffy,

Hey B! How's it going? I haven't really heard from you in a while. It's all Billy this, Billy that. He's a really nice guy, but he's no slayer! In comedy when we talk about someone negatively behind their back (like jerks) a lot of times we're like, "He's a great guy." OR "She's funny." (See what I did there? Feminism lalala!) My point is Buffster, in the beautiful realm of sequential art, I don't wanna read about no Y-chromosome owner unless I do and then it's probably Peter Parker, sniff sniff, hold me?

Anywhoodles. Portland, in true form to it's mantra, got weird. You know what's unrealistic? They never really showed someone like Jonathon asking you out and you having to figure out how to deal with it, although I'm sure it happened a ton.

I wish I was better at comedy. I wish I was better at everything. You never really had anyone better than you at slaying to look up to. That's kinda a weird dynamic. Whenever I see my wonderful funny friends doing something I feel so inspired to be better, but sometimes I feel frustrated, because what if intrinsically I'm just incapable of that level of cleverness and charm? What if a sense of humor is a natural ability, that no matter how hard I work, I just will never have?

I get excited about veiny black eyed Willow. Mostly because after Tara (RIP) I kinda trust Will to be strong enough to jump out of it. That's how I used to be with nervous breakdowns. Yes, I'm crying and shaking, but I'm a strong person and I know how to fight this. Now I don't know. Knock on coffee cup!

love ya!

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  1. Will Buffy ever write back? Seems she's always busy slaying them at the office! She should learn how to delegate some responsibilities. I mean, Faith knows how to slay! Oh well. Looking forward to the next letter!