Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey buddy,

I'm currently sorta looking for a job. I guess I should be looking harder. It's difficult when you've sorta had a taste of what the career is you ideally want, and then you have to choke back down the, yeah in five years I see myself work in an office cubicle, cough, help, I can't breathe, what's happening. What I really want to be is a comedy writer or a writer in general, and I'm sorta struggling with making that a reality. I guess you know what I mean, what with having a mystical calling and whatever.

I'm starting to really make some new friends I think. I'm loving it here. I feel like I fit in... let's see how long that lasts. Remember when Tara thought she was part demon and she was so worried that when you guys found out who she really was you wouldn't love her? That's kinda how I feel all the time. It's so great here!

Growing up is hard. Can you slay adulthood?

love you, B,

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