Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear Buffy,

Hey girl, sorry I haven't written in a while. I guess I'm a bad pen pal. You'd probably treat your pen pals better. I wish I was a better friend to you and to all of my friends, like you are to your scoobies. But I just have so many people that I feel like depend on me that if I spend all that energy trying to make everyone happy, trying not to fail, trying to just stay afloat and not succumb to the demons in my brain, I barely have time to do basic life stuff. Like I'm kinda busy fighting angry demons in my own head and inside the heads of others in preparation for the coming mental apocalypse, (band name?) so sometimes banal chores slip through the butt cracks. Who's gonna take care of me? Maybe I'm too old to want/ need someone to take care of me.

"Strong is fighting."

I'm like really into my boyfriend right now, which hasn't happened in a few years. Too bad he probably will get freaked out and run away to splitsville when he finds out what kind of demon I am.

love, Babs

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