Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear Buffy,

Hey B,

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I guess I'm still sad about not getting that dream job. But I'll have more dream jobs opportunities every month that I can consistently mess up and fail to acquire. I guess I shouldn't complain about my vast varied ample chances to fail. However, I do envy your set path of destiny. You have a purpose in the world. You know where and how you fit in, how you can help. I thought that was me with comedy and writing, but I guess I was wrong. I wish I had a purpose or a destiny. I feel so lost now. I don't feel chosen for anything anymore. Maybe no one is really destined or chosen for gigs like slayers. Maybe no powers are innate and magickal. Maybe I can take up cheerleading.

I just was reading Fray and I couldn't help but worry about how alone she is. You're so lucky you have scoobies. I have been feeling a little isolated lately. (Maybe an affect of the depression, or maybe everyone is isolating themselves in this weather, or maybe I'm just starting to date someone new so I'm kinda withdrawn, or I dunno, just probably feeling rejected and distant b/c of the job thing still.)

I'm kinda lonely. I miss you, B. I wish you and Will were here.

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