Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dear Buffy,

Dear Buffy,

I just read the comic where you and Willow fight to get your power back. I really feel like I'm fighting right now to get my power back too. For a while I was struggling to stay afloat, and the more I struggled, the harder it got. I was devoting all of my strength to one area of my life, and I neglected the other parts of my life that give me strength back, that give me power, and that make me me. When you were saying that you didn't feel like yourself without your slayer powers, I really understand. I am working hard to do the things that make me me, that make me feel strong and like myself. I am learning it's really important to nurture the power center of one's brain that makes us the warrior that we are, in order to best be able to be there for others. It seems counter-intuitive but I'm actually spending a lot less time with someone, so that I can work on my own inner strength, so that in the long run I can actually be there more for them than ever.

I just want to be a whole complete person but it's so lonely.
"There's that word again, what you are, how you'll die: alone."
"Isn't it great that we're hot chicks with super powers? Takes the edge off."

Love you, B,
Thanks for saving the world a lot.

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