Monday, October 5, 2015

Dear Buffy

Hiya B...  You doing okay, buddy? A few nights ago I watched the second Halloween episode, "Fear Itself" from season four. I of course love that episode and I love you...but it's weird watching two Halloween episodes back to back. You're so insecure in both "Halloween" and "Fear Itself" and both time about a guy! I mean, I totally can relate to having felt that before, but you just seemed so sad and listless in Fear Itself. I'm sorry Parker is a dummy. And I know me telling you you're a total catch isn't gonna make it any easier for you to be bravery confident-girl, but I just wish all my friends could see themselves as the smart, beautiful, brilliant, amazingly cool women that they are.

Don't be afraid that you're gonna be alone.

This episode definitely made me miss Oz.

Love you, B,

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