Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear Buffy,

I met a new hot male character! Not that this show is all about the love interests; it's primarily about me and how I kick ass while striving to grow up in a crazy confusing world. But the male characters are so totes dreamy! Can't a girl fight the apocalypse and go out on a date every once in a while too? Remember when you thought Angel wasn't into your looks because he was used to girls who put a lot of effort in, so you tried really hard to be fancy and then you accidentally got turned into your costume on Halloween? That's kinda how I feel; like I'm sure this dude is used to hot babes and not, well... but then I remember that Angel said he was much more attracted to you because you're so smart and interesting and weird and fun and that's the most important thing. Wow, sorry for bringing up Angel so much. You're better than him. Boys are weird. Vampires are weirder. They kinda suck.

Okay... um...
love you lots,

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