Friday, May 30, 2014

Dear Buffy,

Hey girl,

How's it going, B? I'm great, generally really happy, either that or I'm totally lying to myself girl. Regardless, that's probably not even that bad... You are strong for your friends and family and you put on a brave face, and I guess that's what I think I've been doing for myself. Before I can fight all the demons and save the scoobies, I gotta fight my own inner demons and save myself, right? Anywhoodles, I've been doing real good, having fucking fun all the time, being the id of me. I'm like Willow when she and Amy were doing all the magicks and you and Faith when you were partying before Faith went evil and accidentally stabbed a dude. Except I'm my own Faith. I'm my own dark side and I nurture that part of me and take care of her. I can't let my inner id wither despite all my responsibilities and duties. You know why I can't just forget about id-girl? "Because it's wrong."

Hope all is totes shiny,
love you brighter than the fire, Babs

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