Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Buffy,

Hey B, I know I haven't written a lot lately. I guess for a while I was sorta feeling like I didn't need to write to you, like I was doing okay with my friends and comedy and life, and I didn't need to rely on the mystical slayer to be my hero. Thank goodness that hogwash was just a phase! Now, we can get back to being BFFs!!!! Things are going okay on my end, traveling a bit for comedy which is always nice. I like a little bit of escapism (surprise) Did you kinda feel that way at all when you switched bodies with Faith? I bet it felt scary but kinda like a vacation. I wish I could just take a little break from being me sometimes.

Anywhoodles! I wish you and Willow respectively both the best of luck with restoring magic to this universe. I could definitely do with some!

love, Babs

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