Friday, March 10, 2017

Dear Buffy happy Buffy Birthday

Dear Buffy,

Hey Buffy buddy! Happy 20 year anniversary!!!!!! Thank you for everything you've done for me, and for women everywhere!

Here are some things that you (Buffy) have done that have helped me in my life:

1. Taught me that loving others and being full of love and compassion is the greatest strength
2. Taught me that we need friends and family and reaching out to others
3. But also, that it's okay to take alone time
4. Exemplified altruism
5. Gave me the strength to finally wear leopard print
6. Allowed me to make fun of myself, other people, and laugh even when I'm sad (which is often. As Cordelia would say, I'm kinda a "little cry-buffy.")
7. Taught everyone that fighting for what you believe in is the only option, and you always have to try.
8. Reminded us that those with privilege need to stand up for those with less
9. Got me really into witch stuff and werewolf stuff
10. Taught me never to try to control another person, to respect everyone's consent
11. Reminded me that it was always okay to be sad or to be different, as long as you weren't hurting anyone
12. Taught me about relativity
13. Showed the world that super heroes can come in any package.

Thank you for everything.You empower women.That's saving the world. I hope to be like you when I grow up.

love, Babs

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